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Uploads periodically, sit back and enjoy the stuff I crank up.


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Iscribble 68 by Bfoxkk
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Finally got myself a account =3 I might livestream once in a blue moon.
Shrimp Scampi with Fettucini by AlexRaccoonGlider
Shrimp Scampi with Fettucini
Something I cooked last night, I should also thank :iconjayfoxfire: for her conversations about shrimp scampi recipes. It was pretty easy to make surprisingly =3

Somehow, I could hear a dozen otter characters drooling at this sight. Maybe a particular Orca like :iconcamy-orca: or a pod of dolphins like :iconauldblue: 's pod.
Gonna be home later tonight, flying back early in the morning. Wished I stayed later
Day 2 in Arizona, loving it! Hope everyone else is having a good day!
Currently in Arizona by the time some people will read this. If you want me, note me. ;3
When I get back from my trip, what should my next art jam theme should be?
7 deviants said Good and Evil (Where you show two sides of your character being good or evil)
5 deviants said Science Fiction + Western
3 deviants said Gods and Fantasy themed (Think: "Wrath Unleashed!")
1 deviant said Ocean Punk (think: Waterworld)
No deviants said Other (PLEASE BE SPECIFIC)
One more thing...
Starting this Thursday, I'm going to be flying out to Arizona. Will have limited internet for awhile.
Corsair taking a nap by AlexRaccoonGlider
Corsair taking a nap
Playing around with FireAlpaca while listening to this:

I must say, coloring in that program is pretty easy to do then in any other program.

Corsair and artwork belongs to :iconalexraccoonglider:
Hey everyone, hope all is well with you. It's been awhile since I wrote a decent journal entry and Im actually gonna try to make a bit of an effort to start writing a journal at least once a month to give everyone some idea what's going on with my life and such. Not that I don't say too much to begin with, but in doing so, I'm also trying to spread the word on a few artists who I call "friend" and is able for commissions.

Anyhow onto the news!

One bad cold

This cold kind of came out of nowhere like a wrecking ball, I was at the renaissance festival...which I go to almost every year and even though I was enjoying the sights, sounds, and shows. Suddenly, I felt like my throat was bothering me, it felt itchy and I started to cough.. but it wasn't as bad...until I got home. Be it too much sun exposure (despite having sunscreen with me) or something else, the moment I came home. I started feeling the effects, but fortunately that night my fever broke so I was ok for now.

Cut to a few days later, and then the disease pretty much spread throughout the house, I could barely even speak without coughing and irritating my throat badly. So, Ive been doing the usual things on my road to recovery; drinking tea, taking medicine, resting, etc. Yet, despite this, I can't seem to shake it off!

Curiously,  a few days ago, I suddenly felt like my old self. I was able to breathe properly and feel like I was able to do things without feeling sick or clammy. I was going to the library, doing errands and so forth. I never had any problems! I even did some cooking and cleaning during the holidays without problems.

Now recently, after I stopped taking medicine...I wake up one morning and while I was on an errand, ....well to cut to the chase, I felt sick again and Im still fighting it. Urgh!

Tornado Outbreak

This kind of blew me away (no pun intended) but starting on January, ever since we're getting this "El Nino" weather phenomena. I've been awaken very early when my phone keeps ringing an alarm. Then, much to my shock, the message: "TORNADO WARNING" blares out in bold letters. Which worries me to no end, that means that a tornado just touched down and it's probably....right outside my house!

FL doesn't normally get too many tornadoes, but we nevertheless still get them. Most of the tornadoes that touch down here are usually waterspouts, which are tornadoes that touch down in water. For those who played Assassin's Creed: Black Flag, they're a sea-going hazard for sailors (and they're still are). But to have one not only touch down in my neck of the woods and doing damage?! I've lived in FL for more then 30 years and the only storms that's done any serious damage were hurricanes! To make the news even worse, the tornado that hit in January (or was it February?) touched down near this college library that I go to at times. Luckily, nobody was hurt but some cars have flipped over and some buildings were damaged. Talk about a close call though, but recently since we've been getting a surge of storms blowing in from the west, I've been getting a bit nervous about potential tornado outbreaks. A week or so ago, another one was developing, but luckily it didn't touch down. Despite that bit of news, my weather alert did go off for a "Tornado Warning".

One bit of trivia though, in my elementary school days. I was fascinated from my experience with Hurricane Andrew, and during that time, I took an interest in storms. At the library at schools, I would dive into every book on tornadoes as I can because I found them fascinating as well as scary. Yet, I was armed with a ton of knowledge on what to do should one turn up, but for years...aside from hurricanes, we've been pretty lucky. But, I wouldn't drop my guard...

Character Meme

I was tagged by my friend :iconbrubadger: and I wanted to give some info on everyone's favorite Orca in my cast: Corsair.

1. Post ~8~ facts about your character. (Actually, I'll probably do 10)
2. Tag 8 other Characters. (You can do this if you wish, it's optional)
3. Post their names along with their creator's avatars (Again optional if I tag you)

  1.  Corsair was created by a RPing session from a former friend of mine
  2. He was mostly inspired by "Spot" the Killer Whale from The Little Mermaid animated series.
  3. Despite being bigger then the other dolphins in the first Dolphin Defenders, he's technically the 2nd youngest.
  4. To classify Corsair, he's technically a resident orca as his diet involves fish and squid.
  5. When Cliff retires his pod, Corsair heads north in search of a mate or a pod to call home, he ends up with a female named Coraline.
  6. With the union with Coraline, he fathers a calf named "Cruise" (Which hasn't been born yet, shhh!)
  7. When I drew Corsair and brought him to DA, his popularity skyrocketed fairly quickly and he's still my most popular character!
  8. As of now, Corsair is around 10ft long and weighs nearly 8 thousand pounds, most of it is pure muscle.
  9. Contrary to marine biology research, for fun I always drew Corsair and my dolphins fully in R.E.M sleep when they're snoozing. In real life, a dolphin would only shut down half of it's brain so it doesn't drown.
  10. Up until my next round of Dolphin Defenders, Corsair only speaks in clicks, whistles, and cetacean songs. My other dolphins can understand him while the audience relies on subtitles.

    Now I tag:
    :icondcleadboot: (Frederick Wilkinson)
    :iconeuan-the-echidhog: (His character)
    :iconnoe-izumi: Stella
    :iconthe-one-true-koneko: Her main chimera character
    :icondoublesnl: Sylvia

As I said before, I  wanted to help a few of my friends out by boosting their signal as far as them doing business with people such as you!

These talented individuals are opened for business, be it for artwork or a story/poem/etc, and with a very low low price range, you get a very high grade picture, story, etc, of your choice! Anything your heart's desire! PLEASE READ ALL ARTIST'S RULES BEFORE COMMISSIONING!!!!

:iconcandlegirl: *NOW OPEN FOR COMMISSIONS* She's been one of those few people who has inspired me to become an artist, and now she's up for some commissions and her prices are very worth it! Give a shout out to her too why don't you?

:iconrugdog: An aspiring graphic novel artist with a wide range of characters, his commissions are usually cheap and he does a very good job on them

:icondcleadboot: One of my closest friends, he's skilled in doing both photo manipulation, restoring old photos, flash animations, and even makes games! Im sure you'd seen his flash animations before here and there, now he's up in the market! You'll never be disappointed!

:iconbluebottleflyer:  Fun, Funny, and at times silly. But this guy's artwork is a surefire way of putting a smile on one's face with all of his toony characters, ranging from nectar obsessed insects to a bunch of pals who love to surf! Be sure to read his rules though before commissioning.

:iconkal241: Now if theres a sci-fi writer who can draw as well as he can write, this is your man. He can do anything with a sci-fi twist and he's as flexible as liquid polymer alloy (or Liquid Metal for those layman people)

:iconmarwangreencritter: Hailing from Malaysia, if anybody could do a kick ass anime/manga style (or any other style you'd like) I highly recommend him and his talents. I've done some business before with him and he delivers like FedEX!

:iconsharpdressedreptile: **NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS** He's a good friend of mine and he draws like a pro! His attention to details is a surefire way that when you get a picture, it looks like someone working for Marvel or DC or Dark Horse or even Nickelodeon studios gave you a top notch quality picture.

:iconfreyfox: Ranging from his online comic "Transmission" to little flash vids he cooks up every now and then, he's opened for business and he tackles each commission with a professional outlook. Be sure to read his rules first though.

:icongranitoons: If you enjoyed the Hanna Barbara cartoons growing up, then Granitoons may be the artist you want to commission! His traditional works never fails to entertain you or gives you a hint of nostalgia when you see your drawings being illustrated. He's highly worth every penny!

:iconoogaboogaz: No need to keep dragging around for a great dragon artist, this guy can draw dragons and other creatures. I've known him from his Skylanders comics he used to draw, and he's on standby for the next commissioner, will it be you? I hope so.

:icontoni-the-mink: When it comes to drawings, her creation knows no bounds, if there were bounds or boundaries, she'd probably bust right through. She's also a talented writer as well! She's very flexible.

:iconviraljp: I've ran across his works before and he even makes the artists at Archie envious of his talents. He can draw just about anything, and his prices are very reasonable. I think he deserves your attention, right? As well as your muffins.

:iconnoe-izumi: Always in the market, blasting off past Corneria and traveling through time, she's always looking to make sure your drawings are just as timeless as the Ocarina of Time, you'd either be very satisfied or you'd probably wanna do a barrel roll with happiness when you work something with her.

~Be Sure to read the terms and conditions and the artist's rules before making a commission!!~


Another thing too I kind of want to throw into the air here, one of my friends :iconslasher12: is planning on re-opening up her online store and I strongly urge you guys to take a look and buy something, she has a bunch of cool merchandise that will never fail to put a smile on your face!

**EDIT** She recently made an update on items, there's still more to come. Lots more! Keep an eye on her store.

In other news, my friend :icontoni-the-mink: is trying so hard to get to Maryland and she needs some help. So I figured I help her signal boost and do you suppose someone can be so kind to help her please?
Help Me Move To Maryland - GoFundMe by Toni-the-Mink

Thanks for reading, have a good one!
  • Listening to: Western Soundtracks
  • Reading: A story Im typing up
  • Watching: Deadliest Warrior
  • Playing: Gun
  • Eating: Soup hopefully
  • Drinking: Hot Tea

When I get back from my trip, what should my next art jam theme should be? 

7 deviants said Good and Evil (Where you show two sides of your character being good or evil)
5 deviants said Science Fiction + Western
3 deviants said Gods and Fantasy themed (Think: "Wrath Unleashed!")
1 deviant said Ocean Punk (think: Waterworld)
No deviants said Other (PLEASE BE SPECIFIC)


Hi! So what do you think of my entry for your art jam?
Sat Feb 27, 2016, 2:26 PM
*cleans up the dust*
Mon Dec 21, 2015, 9:37 AM
Happy Birthday! :party:
Sun Sep 27, 2015, 10:14 AM
Sat Sep 26, 2015, 10:00 AM
*helps you clear up the dust*
Wed Sep 16, 2015, 9:20 AM

I also have Tumblr

Currently typing up the next journal, here's a preview:


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