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Uploads periodically, sit back and enjoy the stuff I crank up.


Reference - Thoronraw by DCLeadboot

Heya Dan, I'd thought I type something up real quickly before I go to sleep. I've been meaning to type up a decent critique on these pi...

Story Of One Season by Bfoxkk
by Bfoxkk

Heya Bfox, I've managed to work up some energy to go ahead and give you a thorough critique on this wonderful picture. I understand you...

Denim Turn Around by Bfoxkk
by Bfoxkk

Hoyo Bfox, so sorry that I haven't gotten around to giving you critique on this picture, because I understand that you work very hard o...

Iscribble 68 by Bfoxkk
by Bfoxkk

Heya Bfox, I figured I'd write up a quickie critique on this iScribble dump here and give you a more in depth review of these wonderful...


Alex and the Portuguese ManO'War by AlexRaccoonGlider
Alex and the Portuguese ManO'War
During a live stream session, while I was trying to figure out what else to draw, my friend :icondoublesnl: suggested this humorous story that was based on a real life incident.

It went like this; during my middle school years, my class had the opportunity to go to this place in the keys called: "Sea Camp". Which I learned how to snorkel in the reefs and other things. One scene however will never escape my memories when I was out snorkeling, I was enjoying myself, checking out the fish until suddenly i saw something dangling on the surface, as soon as I realized what the thing is...well I literally "RAN" to the boat as you can see here.

It's not so much the creature scares me, it's the fact those tentacles are more painful then any other jellyfish sting, some people have been paralyzed by the stings.

Alex and the Man O' War belong to :iconalexraccoonglider: as well as the picture.
Devon and Cornwall by AlexRaccoonGlider
Devon and Cornwall
Something quickly doodled up in my tiny sketchpad. I always liked these quarreling dragons.

Devon and Cornwall belongs to Warner Bros. Entertainment
Art/Doodle belongs to :iconalexraccoonglider:
Reference - Thoronraw by DCLeadboot
Heya Dan, I'd thought I type something up real quickly before I go to sleep. I've been meaning to type up a decent critique on these pics, although it's going to be difficult as I tend to over-think things a bit. Well a "bit" may not be the best word but..anyhow here we go!

Vision) Right off the bat, I love how informative this reference sheet is. It's easy to see both the color schemes and other details of Thoronraw here, as far as his height, both when he's on all fours and upright <even if it's brief>. The facial expressions looks pretty good so Im giving Vision all high marks.

Originality) Reference sheets come in all shapes and sizes and I like how quick and basic this came out. So good marks there!

Technique) Looks like a combination of a nice colored ref of Thoronraw and sketches for the facial expression, it looks pretty good though despite some things could be done better. I'll explain later though.

Overall Impact) I must give you a full score here! Thoronraw's one of my favorite characters here and his friendly smile and his attitude is definitely a heart warmer here.

Some things to consider) One thing I kind of noticed in this pic compared to the other reference sheet here is that you seem to give Thoronraw a bigger/longer beak here, in the 2nd facial expression on the first row, I can't help but feel like the longer beak made him very goofy looking, almost like a Toucan. I think the sharp/pointy beak you gave him in the flash fits him better then this one. You could also research various Raptor (preferably eagles) to get a better idea what you can do to make Thoronraw a powerful gryphon that he is.

I'd also suggest you should also practice doing some feline anatomy practice (if you need help, I got something to help you) to get his postures down too, as gryphons are a mashup between eagles and lions/big cats.

Keep up the great work Dan ^^
Alex BlueHair Experiment by AlexRaccoonGlider
Alex BlueHair Experiment
Something that occured to me between my conversations with :icondcleadboot:

Long story short; because my characters are usually in a shade of greys and silvers as a predominant fur color, with black mixed. He suggested that I should give my character/avatar something to make it more distinguished, so go with the trope: "You gotta have blue hair."

It's not official, just an experiment.

Art/Avatar/Pic belongs to :iconalexraccoonglider:
Sans Quickie by AlexRaccoonGlider
Sans Quickie
Done quickly the other night, mostly as a gift for :iconbfoxkk: but anybody could use it if they want. (Just credit me though)

Sans belongs to TobyFox
Art belongs to :iconalexraccoonglider:
Starford and the Moon Jellyfish by AlexRaccoonGlider
Starford and the Moon Jellyfish
I managed to do this while I was livestreaming.

I kind of felt bad that I haven't uploaded any "decent" artwork due to things I'd rather not discuss in public. But it's good news for those who are wondering, but anyhow.

I was fighting off an art cramp and I was stuck being here at my home due to the crazy weather + Tornado Outbreaks (don't worry I'm fine)  and I was recalling this wonderful picture that :iconauldblue: did for me awhile ago: Hunting for the Bermuda Ghosts by AuldBlue and I admit, I need to give my other Dolphins a bit of spotlight and Starford just happens to be the right dolphin for the picture. Here he is, telling a tiny moon jellyfish to skedaddle!

Art and Starford (and the Moon Jellyfish) belongs to :iconalexraccoonglider:
Story Of One Season by Bfoxkk
Heya Bfox, I've managed to work up some energy to go ahead and give you a thorough critique on this wonderful picture.

I understand you worked very hard on this picture, especially with the blades of grass and the stairs here. I think it all came out very well done and here's what I have as far as a thorough examination goes!

Vision) Great Marks here, your works are always bright, vivid and easy on the eyes and the characters are well crafted! Especially Wallachan here. It looks like she's about to say something to Edge here as he appears to be ready for a chuckle, and Callie (I think?) seems to be interested in the conversation.

Originality) Again 4 stars here, I've seen originality before but you have a nice charm to your techniques and your works seem to be inspired by the natural environments around you in your neck of the woods. Great job there!

Technique) I WAS gonna give you four stars but I think I'll add a half a star because throughout the times you've been drawing, I noticed such improvement throughout the years and your techniques in multiple digital mediums showcases how far you've gone here.

Overall Impact) I great score of 4 out of 5! I understand some clothing and stairs may be a pain in the butt to draw, but I have confidence that you'll master the stairs as fast as you can climb them.

Keep up the great work as always Bfox!
My apologies if I haven't been uploading any "quality" artwork as of late, very very busy @_@()
Liza for Kal241 by AlexRaccoonGlider
Liza for Kal241
A little gifty for my good friend :iconkal241:

He recently graduated from University and then he tells me he's been feeling under the weather with everything, so I doodled up one of my favorite (and sexy...) characters from his cast. Liza! =3

Liza belongs to :iconkal241:
Art belongs to :iconalexraccoonglider:
Hey Everyone! Long time no write, but for those who have been keeping tabs with me via my status updates and such. I got some news to explain! It'll be lengthy so I'll try to keep it brief though...

Arizona Trip
The biggest highlight of last month was my surprise trip to Arizona. The news happened so suddenly, even today I was pretty much surprised that I was able to go again, thanks to my mom's friend who lives there. What happened was that because of me being out of work since last December (which I won't explain further) I've been feeling a bit down in the dumps as of late. Getting a job has been very difficult and I couldn't find anything within walking distance that I could work, and then suddenly my mom's friend calls me up. I told him honestly how I felt and then he invited me and my mom to spend a few days in Arizona.

Like I said; I was shocked! Excited even, although I admit as much as I love Arizona, I was a bit hesitant to go there however; before I knew it, I was already on the flight (with special thanks/advice from :iconbluebottleflyer: and :iconjayfoxfire: before the trip) and I flew from FL to Texas and then arrived late at night in Arizona. What a place! Especially the historic district of Tombstone. Made famous thanks to the Earps and Doc Holiday, as well as the OK corral gunfight. Most of the time I spent there, I was hanging out with my mom's friend, we watched some movies such as "Ted" (both sequels) and we had a round of shopping on the final day. I even had a few chances to play Chess with my mom's friend too, even though out of 3 games, he won twice, I was happy I managed to score one victory over him (by the skin of my teeth nonetheless because I haven't played it in ages). Not to mention, I even had some fun having a few rounds of drinks! I'm not a booze hound or a hardcore drinker but I would drink only for social reasons only, and I would usually have 1 drink and call it quits. (Drink Responsibly people!!) Despite this, after the 3rd day, I spent the day shopping alongside my mom, and yet despite I was kind of eager to get home, I kind of felt a bit upset that I had to leave. I admit it, despite the occasional gunfight re-enactments, I found Arizona very peaceful. For a guy like me who grew up in the tropics, seeing the desert was a whole new experience.

I took a ton of photos but I noticed on some establishments that the people who work there wanted the tourists to never show/expose them on Facebook or any social media sites, so I've decided to show the photos to my friends only and not upload them.

Leaving DA?
Now before anybody gets the wrong impression on this statement, it was just a THOUGHT.

The reason why I was thinking of leaving DA, it's just because I've been noticing a lot of people leaving DA and they all said the same thing that got me thinking;

  • All I keep getting is favebombed
  • DA's become a shadow of it's former self
  • I don't get enough exposure here or anywhere else
  • The majority of people only care about are ponies, SU, Gravity Falls, etc...

That's just scratching the surface on this issue. Personally, I was more of like: "I'm my own master!" as far as I felt like I could draw whatever I want and those who do care about me and my works will leave a comment or critique (when prompted of course) and yet when I do so, all I keep getting is a fave and no comment. Although I can understand on their viewpoint that people either....

  1.     Are too shy to say anything
  2. Busy with life outside the net to say anything
  3. Dunno how to leave a polite comment/critique

Regardless, despite things listed above (and again I feel like I'm scratching the surface), I can understand both ends on this issue but the problem I have with my thoughts about leaving DA, I just don't know where to go anymore. I thought about using my tumblr account, but I'm kind of non-existent anywhere else! More importantly, the thing that keeps me tethered here on DA is my good friends! That alone means a lot to me, and I'm very grateful for the support.

So to end this topic, I've decided to stay here on DA. I'm still going to support those who I call friend.

Uploading new material?
This was also on my mind lately...

Despite my works of drawing my chars such as Alex the Raccoon Glider and his Dragon Guardians, Dolphin Defenders, and my Tanukis. Offline, I've been working on a whole slew of new materials, but the thing I'm concerned about is that as much as I like to upload them onto DA, I'm more afraid of people looking at my works and then taking my ideas! Yeah I like to be creative, but in this crazy day of social networking and the internet, one idea could be someone's franchise! Ultimately, I want to be able to market my chars and turn them into storybooks and graphic novels...but again the thing that keeps them away from being exposed is that fear of people stealing my stuff!

Before anybody even THINKS of stealing my works, I must emphasize that my characters *ARE* copyrighted!

I'll have to think about what I want to upload though, but it's still going to be a bit of a thought process though.

Moving to Maryland
I'm shouting out to a good writer and artist named :iconToniTheMink:

Last journal entries, I've been trying to spread the word as far as trying to rally support for a good friend of mine, and I'm happy to announce that she's managed to get the necessary funds and soon she'll be making her immigration to Maryland! Congratulations Toni! I hope for the best for you and your future! =3 account + livestreaming.
After watching my friends :iconjayfoxfire: , :iconbfoxkk: as well as :iconfreyfox:   live stream.

I've spoken to the former friend and she's guided me on how to get my thing to stream online. So in the near future, once I get everything situated, I might occasionally host live streaming sessions so everyone could watch me draw! When I do I'll make an announcement, alright? =3

That is all, now!

As I said before, I  wanted to help a few of my friends out by boosting their signal as far as them doing business with people such as you!

These talented individuals are opened for business, be it for artwork or a story/poem/etc, and with a very low low price range, you get a very high grade picture, story, etc, of your choice! Anything your heart's desire! PLEASE READ ALL ARTIST'S RULES BEFORE COMMISSIONING!!!!

:iconcandlegirl: *NOW OPEN FOR COMMISSIONS* She's been one of those few people who has inspired me to become an artist, and now she's up for some commissions and her prices are very worth it! Give a shout out to her too why don't you?

:iconrugdog: An aspiring graphic novel artist with a wide range of characters, his commissions are usually cheap and he does a very good job on them

:icondcleadboot: One of my closest friends, he's skilled in doing both photo manipulation, restoring old photos, flash animations, and even makes games! Im sure you'd seen his flash animations before here and there, now he's up in the market! You'll never be disappointed!

:iconbluebottleflyer:  Fun, Funny, and at times silly. But this guy's artwork is a surefire way of putting a smile on one's face with all of his toony characters, ranging from nectar obsessed insects to a bunch of pals who love to surf! Be sure to read his rules though before commissioning.

:iconkal241: Now if theres a sci-fi writer who can draw as well as he can write, this is your man. He can do anything with a sci-fi twist and he's as flexible as liquid polymer alloy (or Liquid Metal for those layman people)

:iconmarwangreencritter: Hailing from Malaysia, if anybody could do a kick ass anime/manga style (or any other style you'd like) I highly recommend him and his talents. I've done some business before with him and he delivers like FedEX!

:iconsharpdressedreptile: **NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS** He's a good friend of mine and he draws like a pro! His attention to details is a surefire way that when you get a picture, it looks like someone working for Marvel or DC or Dark Horse or even Nickelodeon studios gave you a top notch quality picture.

:iconfreyfox: Ranging from his online comic "Transmission" to little flash vids he cooks up every now and then, he's opened for business and he tackles each commission with a professional outlook. Be sure to read his rules first though.

:icongranitoons: If you enjoyed the Hanna Barbara cartoons growing up, then Granitoons may be the artist you want to commission! His traditional works never fails to entertain you or gives you a hint of nostalgia when you see your drawings being illustrated. He's highly worth every penny!

:iconoogaboogaz: No need to keep dragging around for a great dragon artist, this guy can draw dragons and other creatures. I've known him from his Skylanders comics he used to draw, and he's on standby for the next commissioner, will it be you? I hope so.

:icontoni-the-mink: When it comes to drawings, her creation knows no bounds, if there were bounds or boundaries, she'd probably bust right through. She's also a talented writer as well! She's very flexible.

:iconviraljp: I've ran across his works before and he even makes the artists at Archie envious of his talents. He can draw just about anything, and his prices are very reasonable. I think he deserves your attention, right? As well as your muffins.

:iconnoe-izumi: Always in the market, blasting off past Corneria and traveling through time, she's always looking to make sure your drawings are just as timeless as the Ocarina of Time, you'd either be very satisfied or you'd probably wanna do a barrel roll with happiness when you work something with her.

~Be Sure to read the terms and conditions and the artist's rules before making a commission!!~


Another thing too I kind of want to throw into the air here, one of my friends :iconslasher12: is planning on re-opening up her online store and I strongly urge you guys to take a look and buy something, she has a bunch of cool merchandise that will never fail to put a smile on your face!

**EDIT** She recently made an update on items, there's still more to come. Lots more! Keep an eye on her store.

  • Listening to: Warhammer 40K Soundtracks
  • Reading: A story Im typing up
  • Watching: Toxic Crusaders
  • Playing: Starhawk + Red Faction
  • Eating: Beef Enchilada
  • Drinking: Iced Tea with Lime

When I get back from my trip, what should my next art jam theme should be? 

7 deviants said Good and Evil (Where you show two sides of your character being good or evil)
5 deviants said Science Fiction + Western
3 deviants said Gods and Fantasy themed (Think: "Wrath Unleashed!")
1 deviant said Ocean Punk (think: Waterworld)
No deviants said Other (PLEASE BE SPECIFIC)


Hi! So what do you think of my entry for your art jam?
Sat Feb 27, 2016, 2:26 PM
*cleans up the dust*
Mon Dec 21, 2015, 9:37 AM
Happy Birthday! :party:
Sun Sep 27, 2015, 10:14 AM
Sat Sep 26, 2015, 10:00 AM
*helps you clear up the dust*
Wed Sep 16, 2015, 9:20 AM

I also have Tumblr

Currently typing up the next journal, here's a preview:


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