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Heya Bru, I *WAS* Going to leave a simple comment initially but after reexamining your drawing here, I'm more then compelled to leave a more stronger and in-depth review of this drawing as you dive into a whole new world with your new "Packrat" character.

Vision) The way how I view this, this feels like a future in the "Not so distant" future where junk, pollution, and mankind's excessive garbage material has piled up to the point where nobody can safely remove it, despite the future is trashy and bleak, a select few have managed to strive out on a debilitating junkyard. I could clearly see that your character is otherwise scraping at the bottom of the barrel and she appears to be saying: "How could anybody let the world be such a garbage heap?"

Originality) Normally a lot of people always viewed post apocalyptic scenarios as either a massive war, nuclear bombardment, alien takeover, etc but this is not only pretty scary in a long run but with current climate problems, coupled with more and more trash piling up and polluting the world's open lands, I'm not too surprised if perhaps the trash build up with accumulate to these proportions, but as you illustrated here, this is potentially a possible future. Although human kind seem to be missing in this picture, I ponder if rats will eventually dominate this kind of world? So Im giving you 4 stars for this creativity.

Technique) Err.. well it's kind of nicely illustrated, although...this is where the drawing kind of falls short. The use of colored pencils is a nice touch, YET, the colored pencil scribblings have a lot of "white spaces" which makes or breaks the drawing in general, but it's alright I guess. It seems to be a good concept drawing. So I'm giving you 3 stars on that.

Overall Impact) I'm going to be giving you 4 stars out of 5 here. I definitely love the direction you're going here as far as portraying "Packrat" 's environment and the bleak atmosphere you try to convey here. Although I strongly recommend practicing colored pencil techniques, by all means keep up the great work here on portraying these moody scenarios here.

Great job Bru!
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BruBadger Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I guess this pic could kind of be interpreted in various different ways; I'm glad to hear your interesting take on it. ^^ Thanks for this critique, I'm glad to hear about what you like here, but it seems technique is an area I may need to work on. I have been feeling like maybe I do rush a bit at times when coloring traditionally.
AlexRaccoonGlider Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Well remember this saying: "The patient hunter....gets his prey."
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