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Ok you wanted critique? I'll give you critique, despite it was me that comissioned you this piece.

Even though I commented on this pic and faved, now that i have a premium membership, i think i could really give you the biggest review I could offer. I hope it's fair though.

For starters, since Draco, Luna are still somewhat new and not many people have seen them, I understand this may have been tricky to pull off. Eliza looks youthful and nice looking too. But heres the overall critique here.

The vision: The picture definatly captures what I was aiming for as far as the scenery goes with how the Skyjumpers live; high above the tree canopy in a tree top village and the use of dark wood also helps that its been re-built every several years or so. Draco and Luna look pretty decent in your style except I noticed Draco has a funny look on his face despite he's supposed to be fox-like with lemur markings, also his fuzzy chest looks a little "TOO" rounded instead of being fuzzy pectoral muscles but I understand the muscles are tricky to pull off with an anthro. Luna came out pretty good as far as the markings, anatomy and design, her facial expression strikes out very well, she looks like she wants to smile but due to her status as the village leader, she smirks in a warm friendly feeling like a mother almost.

Eliza really looks like with Dan's help, she managed to break the ice amongst the "outsiders" and forge a friendship with Danbuster and Draco and Luna here. She smiles but her gaze at Luna makes it appear she's very nervous and uncertain but smiles anyway as Danbuster kneels before Draco and offers his sword hilt as a token of friendship, and humorously his union jack boxer shorts is exposed from his kilt. The facial expression on Danbuster almost conceals that he looks defeated but he means no harm, a radical shift from his goofy happy-go-lucky to near crazy demeanor to a calm and passive and proud warrior. That to me speaks louder then everything else.

Originality: I have little to say only because I comissioned it and thanks to the RP I did, i tried to give you as much detail as I can offer in my world with the dinosaurs and the lemurs so far i like how you interpeted it into your own visual design.

Technique: The great use of both light, shadows, and the photoshop elements help to convey the jungle scenery that I was aiming for and the low leaf ceiling also doubles the fact they're very high above the treetop yet I admit the long grass on the bottom yields that they're not that high up as I was hoping for but thats ok. Your style of drawing everyone looks nice and very accurate, especially the webbing with Eliza, she does look a tad younger but thats ok, she's a real good sync of Cliff and Cedar's DNA and genetics.

Impact: Overall, Im very etastic about this piece and im greatful this picture looks awesome and Im glad everyone else like it too. So the ratings on the right should be fair right?

Thanks again for the pic and accepting my comission. ^^
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DCLeadboot Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, with Draco's expression, I was thinking that he somewhat amused by Danbuster's curious mannerisms - a feeling shared somewhat by Luna, while Eliza shrugs as if to apologise in advance of the hare doing something silly... :giggle:
Though yes, possibly I went wrong slightly with Draco's pecs. I was trying to give him a lush furry chest... y'know "Carpet of Virility" Type 1. He IS a big strong bad-ass character whom you want to stay on the right side of! :D

Just to set something straight on Danbuster, though. I was thinking more along the lines of "respectful submission" than actual "defeat" - still, the spirit of the thing is there nonetheless. This is a moment of gravity, and at such times even this goofy hare can calm down and behave sensibly. :)

Anyway, thanks for the critique. As you know, I'm not so good with the backgrounds - I did what I could though, and I'm glad it mostly paid off. Perhaps I should have kept the grass-brush to a smaller size, though.
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